Bid Presentation

A presentation is an extension of your bid

A presentation is normally required as part of the procurement process, yet many companies are unprepared to present.

BidABLE can help you put your best foot forward when presenting your offering to key decision-makers. Rachel’s expertise in developing bid team presentations has benefited many companies she has helped in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

It starts with planning and thinking about the why, what, and how. Practising and treating the presentation like an extension of your proposal submission and having a review cycle to seek feedback is vital to your success. 

I have recently had the opportunity to work with Rachel Adams from Bidable. Rachel was instrumental in helping us prepare and execute an important presentation and proposal for a number of our clients. I was extremely impressed by her professionalism. Rachel was able to give invaluable advice on how to collate and structure a polished and professional tender document.
Rachel guided us on how to prioritise information so that we had a clear and concise message throughout our tender and she kept us on track with her projected timeline, whilst giving us lots of helpful advice on practising our delivery before presenting in front of our clients. Rachel managed all of this as well as making the experience fun and interactive. I would highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for someone to help you deliver a bid that is of the highest quality.
Lisa Bennett - Managing Director Dynamix Recruitment

Planning the Presentation

Has your proposal wowed the evaluation team, and now you are shortlisted and need to present your proposal? Or have you been asked to present before an RFP is even released?

Scenarios like these need planning to ensure you impress the decision-makers and they want to buy your product or service after seeing your presentation.

Planning is essential to win the business; it is not pulling together a PowerPoint deck the night before and hoping for the best.

Rachel has helped many of her clients with planning their presentation; it starts with relooking at your bid strategy, reviewing your offer and looking at what the evaluation panel want to see in your presentation.

The planning of the presentation is the same as planning your bid.

Practising the Presentation

As with any form of presentation, whether for business, a school production, or other forms of media, practice makes perfect.

Rachel always gives her clients the example of what her daughter’s dance teacher says: “You only get out what you put in!”.

When presenting your proposition, solution or offer, usually this is your last chance to convince the key decision-makers on why they should pick you.

This is why you must allow yourself time to practice, and not just the night before the presentation!

Working with Rachel to plan this out and complete a set of practices will ensure you secure new / more business.


As with any bid or proposal, it is best practice to have reviews in place. Having a fresh pair of eyes review or watch and provide constructive feedback is essential if you want to win more business.

Rachel has used many different techniques for multiple clients in many and varied types of industry. As part of the planning stage, she will work with you to determine the best way to incorporate a peer review of your presentation in advance of its delivery to your client.

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